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Home News Bollywood Daily It's something that I have never done: Sophie Choudry

It's something that I have never done: Sophie Choudry

By Mid-Day | April 27, 2013, 6:20pm IST
Summary: Sophie Choudry says she insisted on performing 'difficult' steps for her forthcoming item number in a sexy short outfit.

Sophie Choudry, who features in an item song in Sanjay Gupta's upcoming film, had some difficult steps to perform. This included getting jiggy atop a bar counter as well as on a truck. As she was wearing a sexy short outfit, choreographer Ahmed Khan had his reservations about her ability to do so.

Says Khan, "I was against the idea as Sophie was wearing an extremely short skirt. I did not want her to get atop the truck and dance as a lot of people were present on the sets. But she was keen on doing it. I was impressed; she is a fantastic dancer and did the steps without any hiccups."

Sophie adds, "It was a great high as it's something that I've never done. The truck was moving while we were dancing in it. It was a bit scary at first but then great fun. The costume was sexy and risqué but I think I carried it off pretty well."

A unit member states, "Everything went off well with out any oops moment."

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