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Home News Bollywood Daily Sonu Sood is back to work after his injury

Sonu Sood is back to work after his injury

By Mid-Day | April 19, 2013, 9:08pm IST
Summary: After suffering from a massive leg injury, Sonu Sood is back to his usual schedule of shooting for films and even working out in the gym.

After suffering multiple injuries while playing a match for a celebrity cricket league, Sonu remained out of action for at least 12 weeks. It even resulted in his film schedules going haywire. But now that all's well, sources say the actor is back to his best.

Sonu Sood with Prabhu Deva on the first day of shoot after his injury

A source informs, "Exactly about a month back, Sonu injured his leg very badly and suffered multiple fractures. He had to immediately go for a surgery. His director Prabhu Deva decided to shift his shooting till Sonu could resume work. This week he did a three-day schedule in Satara."

A visibly pain-free Sonu says, "In fact even on the sets, they took all the possible care of me. There was a body double who was used during the camera rehearsals and shot adjustments. The moment the director shouted cut, a boy used to get me my chair so that my leg didn't get strained"

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