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Home News Bollywood Daily Amit Sadh's motto is to eat right to stay in top form

Amit Sadh's motto is to eat right to stay in top form

By Mid-Day | April 19, 2013, 8:58pm IST
Summary: Among his group of friends, Amit Sadh is known for his fit form and even dishes out fitness tips to his near and dear ones.

He is also considered somewhat a nutrition expert in his circle. And instead of staying off food, the young actor feels that eating right is the right way to stay healthy.

Says Amit:

>> Don't spend too much time in the gym. About 45 minutes are more than enough to workout every day.

>> Wake up early and go for a run early morning every day.

>> Walk when you can. Ditch the car sometimes.

>> I like to eat desserts once in a while including jalebi rabdi and moti choor laddoo.

>> I play sports like squash or football and I also swim once a week.

>> I start my day with a lot of liquids. >> Six-pack abs is just another fad! Staying fit has nothing to do with being a celebrity. Every person should respect his or her body. I feel bad for youngsters who live on protein shakes and take steroids to build muscles.

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