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Home News Bollywood Daily Rahul Bose lists out the secrets behind his fighting fit body...

Rahul Bose lists out the secrets behind his fighting fit body...

By FNN | March 8, 2013, 9:31am IST

There are not many in Bollywood who have been actors as well as National Level Sportsperson.

On top of that, the 45-year-old Rahul Bose sports an athletic body that complements his comparatively diminutive frame. Being an outdoor person, Rahul tells us that fitness is a result of several things. And exercise is just one of them.

The Actor-Director-Social activist's health card says:

  • Running comes naturally to me. I cover about 10-15 km at a time. Whenever city marathons take place, I'm well prepared. To me, running is a stress-buster and an indication of stamina.
  • Although I'm officially retired as a national player, I still play rugby whenever I can. I find the whole concept of sport very engaging and interesting. I also spend considerable amount of time playing squash, tennis and badminton.
  • I'm not a huge fan of gym or lifting weights as others usually are. I'd rather swim for an hour or so. The best part about swimming is you are in sync with nature and you don't dehydrate while doing it.
  • Yoga allows you to balance your mind with your body. I've been practising it for a while now and I can't imagine going anywhere without my yoga mat. It's a must! Given the level of pressure we put ourselves under nowadays, deep breathing exercises work like magic.
  • Just like warming up is necessary, cooling down is, too. Relax. Don't overexert.
  • No matter what, healthy diet and good sleep are irreplaceable. Both play a huge role. Our body repairs itself while we are asleep so it's vital that one rests well at night.

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