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Home News Bollywood Daily Vidyas Stalker Nabbed by Cops

Vidyas Stalker Nabbed by Cops

By FNN | February 25, 2012, 10:09pm IST
Being a celebrity, you are constantly in the public eye, with fans the world over following every step taken. However, at times certain fans get highly obsessed with the celebrity and start crossing the line, something which was faced by Vidya Balan, when she was stalked by a guy in his late 20s. Apparently, the said individual would frequent Vidya's shooting sets and even followed her to her apartment.

However, after a few harrowing days, Vidya can now breathe easy as the unnamed stalker has now been nabbed by the cops. It was only after the stalker started visiting her home that matters became serious and the police were brought in the picture.

Funrahi has learnt that the miscreant has been let go after a stern warning.

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