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Home News Bollywood Daily Abhishek Bachchan daily travels between Wai and Mumbai for 'Bol Bachchan'

Abhishek Bachchan daily travels between Wai and Mumbai for 'Bol Bachchan'

By FNN | February 25, 2012, 10:03pm IST
Even as news of the Big B recuperating well enough to return home filtered out of one hospital, we hear the Big B's mother-in-law Indira Bhaduri is back in another hospital, thereby giving Abhishek two major reasons to stay put in Mumbai.

Regrettably he is shooting out of Mumbai in Wai for the comedy Bol Bachchan for director Rohit Shetty, thereby putting his schedules under tremendous pressure. Says a source, "Every day Abhishek commutes between Wai and Mumbai. He leaves early morning for Wai, packs up shooting by evening drives back, a good five hours' drive, rushes home to see his father and then his Naani (whom he adores) in hospital before heading home to catch a few moments with his daughter and wife. If he's lucky he catches Baby Bachchan awake for a bit."

Barely getting a few hours of sleep it's back to Wai for Junior Bachchan early in the morning, and that too to do Rohit Shetty's comedy. Says a source, "Laughter is the last thing on Abhishek's mind. But he's going through the comic scenes with Ajay Devgn with do-or-die determination."

Devgn is going out of his way to accommodate Abhishek's impossible schedule.

Says a source, "He waits without a murmur for Abhishek to get ready. He's even offered to postpone the shooting until things get normal at the Bachchans'. But Abhishek insists on carrying on."

Incidentally, Devgn has always been close to the Bachchans. Long before he became a superstar Jaya Bachchan had predicted big things for Devgn. Now the tables have turned. And Devgn is predicting big things for Abhishek.

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