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Now, Giselli Monteiro to do an item song

By FNN | February 17, 2012, 6:29pm IST

Now, Giselli Monteiro to do an item songAfter Chikni Chameli and Munni, now Giselli Monteiro (remember her? The Love Aaj Kal girl) is excited about her item song in her forthcoming film, Pranaam Vaalekum.

So much so that after a two-month holiday to her hometown in Brazil, the actress plunged into the rehearsals for her item number called Nautanki Queen hoon, India se aayi hoon.

Suna hai she's been practicing her moves for about 15 hours daily. Producer Sandip Kapur said, "Although Giselli dances well, she's perfecting her earthy and Indianised moves for the nauntaki number."

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