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Home News Bollywood Movies Arjun Rampal and Ajay Devgn save their Stunt man on the sets of 'Satyagraha'

Arjun Rampal and Ajay Devgn save their Stunt man on the sets of 'Satyagraha'

By FNN | March 8, 2013, 8:09pm IST

It was a scene from his next film that got literally too hot for Arjun Rampal to handle.

Apparently a sequence required a stuntman to immolate himself and Arjun and his co-star Ajay Devgn were to save him from the fire.

A source from the film's Bhopal sets says, "Arjun and Ajay have been shooting for Prakash Jha's Satyaghaha. Stuntman Bunty put himself on fire and the two actors had to save him. The scene got too real and Arjun got way too much into his character. He freaked out."

The actor wrote about the incident on his micro-blogging site last evening, "Stunt man Bunty puts himself on fire. Me and @ajaydevgn try to save his life. All a part of Satyagrah. Freaky moment."

Soon the actor's timeline was buzzing with messages from people asking him if all was well.

He later however clarified the incident stating, "Just want to clarify my last tweet, no one is hurt, all safe, was describing the scene we shot, Bunty, Ajay and I are all safe we were just acting."

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