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Home News Bollywood Movies On the sets of 'Kaanchi' - Jolly cool time

On the sets of 'Kaanchi' - Jolly cool time

By Mid-Day | April 26, 2013, 2:52pm IST
Summary: A look at Subhash Ghai's upcoming film which is being shot in Nainital.

Subhash Ghai who is directing his upcoming movie in Nainital is having a whale of a time with his crew on the sets -- and off it as well. According to sources, the shooting was on in Madh Island and now they have shifted to the North.

Did that hurt? Mishti with Rishi Kapoor

That's your line : Rishi Kapoor with Subhash Ghai discussing a sequence

On the sets, Ghai encourages the entire unit, especially the newcomers Mishti and Kartik Tiwari.

Do we have to kiss too? Mishti and Kartik in an intimate scene

Hold him right: Ghai guides Mishti and Kartik for a scene

While shooting for a particular scene with Rishi Kapoor, Mishti had to sprinkle water on his face. Knowing the kind of person Rishi is, she was a little nervous to do so. They had to give a couple of takes but Rishi took it very sportingly and smiled and made Mishti comfortable.

This is how you do it : Ghai explains a scene to Kartik

Ghai says, "I am working with very fine actors. Mithun and Chintoo are my friends and Mishti and Kartik are extremely talented. After pack-up it's party time for all of us on the sets and we enjoy a lot. Shooting is Nainital is fun and the weather is super here."

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