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Home News Bollywood Industry Character Dheela Becomes The No.1 Song On Heartbeats

Character Dheela Becomes The No.1 Song On Heartbeats

By FNN | May 13, 2011, 11:39pm IST
According to Ormax Media’s weekly music countdown chart for new songs called Heartbeats - Character Dheela from Ready is the No. 1 song of the week. Character Dheela which entered the charts two weeks back toppled Party Abhi Baaki Hai, which was at the top position for the last four weeks. The top 5 songs on Heartbeats this week are Character Dheela, Party Abi Baaki Hai, Munni Badnaam, Sheila Ki Jawaani and Dum Maaro Dum-Tiltle Track. Since the start of Heartbeats in Sep 2010, Sheila Ki Jawani (Tees Maar Khan) has occupied the top slot for 17 weeks, Munni Badnaam (Dabangg) for 11 weeks, Zor Ka Jhatka (Action Replayy) once and Party Abhi Baaki Hai (Faltu) for 4 weeks. Heartbeats is a weekly, syndicated tracking tool developed by Ormax Media. It is the first definitive Bollywood music charts ever in India. Heartbeats generates the current popularity charts of Hindi songs. It is used to identify new songs showing high growth in popularity and to identify songs that are beginning to fatigue. The Heartbeats track is conducted every week across Mumbai and Delhi. Heartbeats is currently being subscribed to by several music channels and radio stations.

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