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Home News Bollywood Industry Ram Gopal Varma To Direct The Hindi version of 'Businessman'

Ram Gopal Varma To Direct The Hindi version of 'Businessman'

By FNN | February 25, 2012, 10:39pm IST
MUMBAI: The Telugu blockbuster The Businessman featuring Mahesh Babu in the lead will no longer be directed by Jagannath Puri who directed the original Telugu film.

Ram Gopal Varma has taken over the direction of The Businessman. The project is now being revamped into Hindi and planned on a far bigger scale than the Telugu film.

Confirming these development Puri who has just returned home in Hyderabad after two weeks of rigorous screenwriting in Bangkok says, "Ramu who is producing the Hindi version of The Businessman is directing the project. I am busy with three Telugu projects one each featuring Kalyan, Ravi Tejaa and NTR Junior. I've already done whatever I could with plot and screenplay of The Businessman. It'd be interesting to see what Ramu does to the story in Hindi."

Puri apparently made the suggestion that Ramu take over the project, which was duly accepted Ramu. And now Ramu is all set to turn the Telugu mega-hit into Hindi.

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