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Home News Bollywood Industry Karan Johar has long queue of directors waiting for narration

Karan Johar has long queue of directors waiting for narration

By FNN | March 7, 2011, 9:29pm IST
Siddharth Malhotra's next film would be antithetical in mood to the earlier film. "If We Are Family made people cry, this one will make everyone laugh. It is a full-on Manmohan Desai kind of entertainer with four heroines and a hero." The one person confirmed in Siddharth's cast for his second film is Kajol. "Yes, Kajol is definitely doing a cameo. She has to." Now Siddharth waits to narrate his script. Karan Johar has no time for his directors. At last count, there were 11 directors at Dharma Productions waiting to narrate their scripts. These include Siddharth Malhotra, Rensil D'Silva and Punit Malhotra, all of whom are ready with their next scripts after their maiden film for Dharma. But Dharma's boss Karan has no time to hear their scripts. If you are a director, it isn't easy getting to meet Karan Johar to have a say. Not even if you are a director employed and affiliated to Karan's Dharma Productions. There is a long queue of Dharma-employed directors waiting to narrate their scripts to the boss-man who tragically, is so much out of Mumbai that he gives his gallery of directors ulcers as they anxiously hold on to their ideas wondering if their next film is approved. One such anxious hopeful is Siddharth Malhotra who directed the Kareena Kapoor-Kajol tearjerker We Are Family for Dharma. Siddharth is now ready with his next script - a full-on musical masala entertainer written by Yunus Sajewal, who's currently scripting the Hindi remake of the Tamil hit Singham. Unfortunately, Siddharth will have to wait until the end of March before he gets a hearing in front of the Dharma boss. Says Siddharth, "I am ready with my script. But Karan doesn't have time to hear me until the end of March. There is a long queue of directors waiting with their narration. And Karan is in and out of Mumbai most of the time. So we all have to wait." Karan admits there is a backlog of narration from directors at Dharma awaiting his attention. "It can't be helped. This is one of the busiest years for Dharma and I'm so frequently out of the country that I don't even bother to pack my suitcase any more."

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