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Home News Bollywood Domestic Box Office Thank You Fate Depends On Weekdays

Thank You Fate Depends On Weekdays

By FNN | April 13, 2011, 5:23pm IST
Thank You grossed around 18 crore nett as per early estimates over its first weekend. The collections are around 20-25% less than what would have been a par total for the weekend. But as there are holidays over the next few days the film can still come out with a decent week of around 30 crore or even higher depending the weekdays performance. The film is doing pretty well at mass centres especially single screens of UP, Rajasthan and CPCI but multiplex business in metroes is well below the mark. The multiplexes in metroes showed growth on Saturday but Sunday had very limited growth. The best business came in the single screen dominated circuits while West Bengal and Mysore had a dull performance.

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