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Game Makes It Very Easy For Faltu On First Day

By FNN | April 2, 2011, 6:17pm IST
Faltu had all the market to it itself as Game simply failed to collect at the box office. Game saw disastrous collections at the box office meaning it was like a solo release for Faltu. Faltu was always supposed to open better but no one would have thought this much better. Some may have put it 30-40% higher or even 70-80% higher but Faltu seems to have managed an amazing 375-400% collections higher than Game. The all India day one collections are looking 4.75 crore nett for Faltu and 1.25 crore nett for Game as per early estimates. Game has double the production budget of Faltu at around 27-28 crore compared to the 13-14 crore of Faltu and has also been released on 75 more theatres though shows at multiplexes are similar. Game is heading to be the first big disaster of 2011 while Faltu has one obstacle of Game out of its way and the World Cup Final and Thank You left to contend with.

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