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Home News Bollywood Domestic Box Office Jolly L.L.B. gets a bump on the occasion of 'Holi', Aatma and Rangrezz still weak

Jolly L.L.B. gets a bump on the occasion of 'Holi', Aatma and Rangrezz still weak

By FNN | March 28, 2013, 7:09pm IST

Jolly L.L.B. got a good bump on the occassion of Holi as movie-goer traffic increased substantially. On the other hand this week's releases Rangrezz and Aatma didn't have the same fate at the box office.

Jolly L.L.B. is expected to gross around Rs. 8.5 Crore this week (2nd week at Boxoffice) and Industry Trade Experts have predicted a lifetime gross of around Rs. 30 Crore provided the film continues this trend at the Boxoffice in its 3rd Week.

The biggest losers of the season were, Rangrezz and Aatma which have been produced with medium budget and low budget respectively. The fate of both the films at the Boxoffice in coming weeks remains to be seen. The 5-day trend at the boxoffice of both the movies were dismissal.


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