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Home News Bollywood Daily Has Esha Gupta dumped Armaan Gujral to move on to a new guy?

Has Esha Gupta dumped Armaan Gujral to move on to a new guy?

By Mid-Day | April 23, 2013, 3:12pm IST
Summary: Esha Gupta who was dating Armaan Gujral, Delhi socialite Feroze Gujral's son, for the past several years has apparently walked out of the relationship now.

Her dating spree began when she was a model and the two would be spotted regularly at parties in the capital, reveal sources. Since her debut, though, she preferred not to comment on their relationship. Every time Esha was asked about her relationship with Armaan she replied saying no comment.

According to sources close to the actress she also used to have Feroza's pic as her BB display picture often and the family liked her a lot but they weren't in favour of her acting career. "Esha was very fond of Armaan and his family and so was Armaan's family. But then they weren't very keen on her having a career in acting, may be that was the reason of the break up."

Another friend of the actress revealed that now she is apparently hanging out a lot of with wannabe actor Randeep Malik. The actress was also seen exiting a movie hall in Juhu a few days back and the guy had completely hidden his face in front of the paparazzi. Was he Randeep?

The reason behind her split is not clear but Esha's reducing trips to Delhi and closeness with Randeep surely speak volumes.

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