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Home News Bollywood Daily Sachiin Joshi gets married to Urvashi Sharma

Sachiin Joshi gets married to Urvashi Sharma

By FNN | February 17, 2012, 6:47pm IST

Sachiin Joshi gets married to Urvashi SharmaThe pretty girl of Naqaab is a married woman now. Though there was a buzz around Urvashi Sharma being proposed by entrepreneur/actor Sachiin Joshi this Valentine's Day, here is the scoop. The duo is in fact a married couple already and though their immediate family was aware about it, the wedding was a hush-hush affair.

Confirms our source, "Yes, Sachiin and Urvashi have already taken the vows. It was a very private ceremony where only the parents and siblings were present. Even some of the very close friends of the couple were unaware about their marriage. Sachiin and Urvashi went to a temple, took 'saat pheras' and then had a quiet get together. No one else was informed and while Sachiin continued playing at CCL, Urvashi too resumed her other assignments."

Now that comes as a surprise because though Sachiin and Urvashi never made much noise about their two year long association, it wasn't discreet either as those in their close circle always knew that wedding bells were not too far away. However this sudden development has ended up surprising quite a few since one expected much more fanfare, especially since Sachiin is a billionaire and hosts various businesses like hotels, constructions companies, mineral water, gym & spa and the energy drink XXX.

"It was in fact a sudden decision", continues our source, "Though Urvashi was aware that Sachiin would eventually pop the question, his sudden proposal zapped her as well. Though it was a momentary shock for her, considering the fact that she is in the middle of bagging some more acting assignments, it was love that came first and she didn't take a moment to say 'yes'.

When contacted, Urvashi did open up after a momentary hesitation. Confirming that she and Sachiin have indeed tied the knot, she also informed that the wedding took place early this month. "Yes, we wanted it to be a private affair. I think that's the best thing to have happened to me. Being a married woman is such a wonderful thing", she said. On asked about this being a hush-hush affair, she smiled, "For that you must ask my husband; it was his decision."

Though wedding was a low key affair, our sources inform that a mega reception is being planned for 29th February in which entire film industry as well as friends and family of the newlyweds would be invited from across the globe.

Sachiin Joshi gets married to Urvashi SharmaSachiin Joshi gets married to Urvashi Sharma

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