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Home News Bollywood Daily Big B says 'all izzz well' post surgeries

Big B says 'all izzz well' post surgeries

By FNN | February 17, 2012, 6:34pm IST

Big B says 'all izzz well' post surgeriesAmitabh Bachchan, who suffered an acute pain post the abdominal surgeries, has tweeted that he is now fine. The 69-year-old underwent two surgeries on Saturday.

"A day that brings you to the brink of wellness and pushes you back into the well of uneasy health... the body shall dictate always! Cure can be distasteful till it begins to work .. till that happens, your faith in it diminishes by the minute...then suddenly AIW: All Izzz Well .. !!" Big B wrote on Twitter.

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