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Home News Bollywood Daily Ramu Wants to include Porngate in his next

Ramu Wants to include Porngate in his next

By FNN | February 12, 2012, 6:09pm IST

Ramu Wants to include Porngate in his nextFar from being scandalised, RGV says news of ministers getting caught viewing porn is indicative of a maturing society and wants to highlight it in his next film

The news of three ministers getting caught watching a porn clip in the Karnataka State Assembly may have created a furore, but not only is Ram Gopal Varma unaffected, he will also incorporate this episode in a film.

Surprised at the uproar, the director said, "All grownup men watch porn. And those who say they don't are lying. Come on, don't we all get bored with our jobs and seek distractions? When I lose focus while directing shots, I also look at my phone for diversion and stimulation, and not just to make calls." He even asked this reporter, "When you get tired of writing stories don't you surf porn sites?"

Stating that he will incorporate this episode in his film on the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, RGV added, "I just love the whole irony of it. According to me the incident shows that our politicians are human, and not just corrupt."

The director added that the scandal is indicative of an India finally growing up, and instead of vilifying the porn industry, steps should be taken to legalise it. "Let's not make such a hue and cry about porn. It's all-pervasive.

When we say, 'Let's protect children from porn' we are just being stupid. Children neither understand nor get aroused by porn. They should instead be protected from violence and abuse. And for that a more legitimate moral sanctioning of pornography is needed. Once we legalise porn, there will be less depravity and unnatural crime against children and women."

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