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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Amit Sahni Ki List - Full Movie Review - Vir Das
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Amit Sahni Ki List is the first film which rests solely on Vir Das' shoulders and he proves to be more than capable of pulling off such a film on his own. The film does have a few shortcomings but Vir manages to build a healthy connection with the audience which works in favour of the film. So Amit Sahni (Vir Das) is a young man looking for his perfect love. He has created a list detailing all the perfect qualities he would look for in a girl. But he just cannot seem to find anyone who matches up to his list. As fate would have it, he runs into Mala (Vega Tamotia), a girl who is the exact opposite of his ideal love and Amit decides to settle for the 'opposite attracts' philosophy. Things go fine until he runs into another girl, Devika (Anindita Nayar) who has every quality on his list. What happens next? You will have to watch the film to find out. Vir Das plays the role of a smart young banker to perfection and his dialogues are often funny and witty. Vega Tamotia and Anindita Nayar fits the roles of Mala and Devika very well. The biggest shortcoming is the script which feels like a mash-up of many films you have seen before. Hence the end product does not feel very original. -- Published on July 18, 2014

Amit Sahni Ki List - Full Movie Review - Vir Das

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