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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Singham Returns - Full Movie Review - Ajay & Kareena
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The Singham Returns experience in one word, would be 'Explosive'. Rohit Shetty presents some breathtaking panoramic shots to the audience. Ajay Devgn has bulked up even more for this role, and when he stands up with his back facing you, you feel as if Mt. Kilimanjaro is in front of you. Bajirao Singham has returned as the Deputy Commissioner of Police to clean up the city once again which is plagued by the wrongdoings plaguing society such as evil godmen, politicians and black money. Mumbai has Guruji played by Anupam Kher as a political leader. However, ‘dharm-guru’ Swamiji played by Amol Gupte keeps threatening him. As far as the Singham Returns experience is concerned, the action scenes involving guns have been shot very well and are different from what the Indian audience has seen before. Be prepared for a lot of whistles, especially when Ajay Devgn starts firing his AK-47. Kareena is quite outspoken in her role and looks good alongside Ajay. We cannot complement Anupam Kher enough for his versaitility, and in this movie his role is loosely based on that of Anna. Amol Gupte is as menacing as he was in Kaminey. We are not going to reveal much of the plot to you, for that you need to go to see the movie. -- Published on August 16, 2014

Singham Returns - Full Movie Review - Ajay & Kareena

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