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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Hate Stroy 2 - Full Movie Review - Sexy Surveen
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Hate Story 2 is yet another revenge tale with plenty of sex and violence thrown in to attract the masses. But it really has nothing new to offer. Surveen Chawla plays the character of a big politician's mistress. The politician played by Sushant Singh is very possessive and jealous making Surveen feel trapped. She meets Jay Bhanushali's character at a photography workshop and they instantly hit it off. The same predictable story follows, they fall in love, the politician finds out and kills the young hero. And Surveen Chawla plots her revenge. Director Vishal Pandya doesn't stray too much from the formula making it a very ordinary film. Two songs of the film were very popular but hit music doesn't always make for a hit film. Sushant Singh performs very well in the film but he is unable to salvage the weak story. Surveen has also put in a lot of efforts but she doesn't have the sort of intensity required to pull of such a role. Jay Bhanushali has such a small role in the film that it would be unfair to judge him. -- Published on July 19, 2014

Hate Stroy 2 - Full Movie Review - Sexy Surveen

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