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From small town to the big political ones, there are all kinds of frauds in India. Raja Natwarlal shows you what goes on behind robbing someone off 3000 crores. The man executing this task is a small time conman, but the way in which he brings down the 3000 crore titan is what is entertaining. Emran Hashmi is at his stylish best in and as Raja Natwarlal and what drew whistles from the audience were the scientific way in which the cons are depicted in the movie. Conmen are artists, and that is exactly what you see Paresh Rawal as being Emraan's mentor. We had been seeing Paresh Rawal for too long in comedy roles and this surely is a refreshing change for us, as he once again shows us what a commendable actor he is. The Pakistani actress Humaima Malik, who plays a bar dancer in the film is sure to acquire lots of male fans in India after the film's steamy scenes are aired. Kay Kay Menon is ruthless in his role and you need to go see the movie to view what he brings to the table in Natwarlal. Raja Natwarlal is actually Jannat 3, and a quite an enjoyable one at that. -- Published on August 29, 2014

Film Review : Emraan & Humaima's Raja Natwarlal

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