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Ahana Dutt played by Bipasha Basu opens a boutique hotel in the hills of Himachal where she meets Kunal played by Imran Abbas, who has a mysterious past but manages to win Bipasha over by singing. However, just as her resort starts one of her guests gets killed by the creature of the film. Waiters and guests keep getting torn apart and no one knows where this creature has come from or what it is. Enter Professor Sadana played by Mukul Dev who explains that the creature is a Brahm Rakshas. Now for the ones who cannot access Wikipedia, a Brahm Rakshas is a Brahmin scholar who committed evil deeds and is cursed by Brahma himself to turn into a man monster and roam the earth till the end of time. In fact, in various Hindu temples in Kerala one can see idols of Brahm Rakshas decorating the exterior walls and are worshipped. And that is the backdrop of Creature 3D. What must be lauded in the film is Vikram Bhatt’s effort to come up with Bollywood’s first creature feature. The Chennai based VFX team, without any foreign help, have done a commendable job with creating the creature, whether it is it's monstrous claws or the piercing green eyes. Bipasha Basu seems to have mastered the role of the horror cum monster queen while Imran Abbas plays a decent lover boy, what with his eyes perpetually teary throughout the movie. Special mention must be made of Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, for playing a paan chewing forest inspector. However, the predictable hindi film formula of establishing a love story between Bipasha and Imran eats into the movie time and so do some of the songs. In fact, it's almost as if the creature had been told to sip a margherita and stay away from them while they were singing songs. -- Published on September 14, 2014

Creature 3D - Movie Review - Bipasha Basu

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