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Sajid Khan is back with his brand of loud, crass humour and this time he truly believes that more is better when it comes to comedy. The plot of the film involves Saif, Riteish and Ram Kapoor in triple roles and that seems to be all the story Sajid needs. What follows is his usual parade of crude one-liners, stupid visual gags, actors trashily aping gays and dogs and plenty of cross-dressing since, apparently, that is what the audience really wants. With a zero line story, Humshakals, is barely a one time watch if you are a fan of this kind of junk humour and forwarded jokes passed off as dialogues! Even Sajid Khan's attempt to trash his own epic failure Himmatwala seems forced and contrived. Saif is back to his bumbling idiot avatar of the 90s while Riteish who never really seems to have grown out of his comedy roles does illicit a guffaw or two. Ram Kapoor manages to do well.The bikini clad ladies of the film, Bipasha Basu, Tamannaah and Esha Gupta provide suitable eye candy. -- Published on June 21, 2014

#Humshakals - Full Movie Review

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