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Movie Release Date Operation
Spring Breakers March 15th, 2013 End Titles
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone March 15th, 2013 End Titles
Parker January 25th, 2013 End Titles
Gangster Squad January 11th, 2013 End Crawl
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey December 14th, 2012 End Titles
Lincoln November 16th, 2012 Main And End Titles
The Dictator May 16th, 2012 End Titles
The Avengers May 4th, 2012 End Crawl
John Carter March 9th, 2012 End Crawl
Good Deeds February 24th, 2012 Main And End Titles
Safe House February 10th, 2012 End Titles
Underworld: Awakening January 20th, 2012 End Crawl
War Horse December 25th, 2011 Main And End Titles By
We Bought a Zoo December 23rd, 2011 Main And End Titles
In the Land of Blood and Honey December 23rd, 2011 End Titles
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol December 21st, 2011 End Titles
Super 8 August 10th, 2011 End Titles
Restless April 6th, 2011 End Titles
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