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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews #TotalSiyapaa - Movie Review - Ali Zafar & Yami Gautam
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Set in london, Total Siyapaa Revolves around the love story of Indian kudi Asha (Yami Gautam) and pakistani boy, Aman (Ali Zafar). Asha takes Aman home to introduce him to her disfunctional family over dinner but doesnt reveal to them that Aman is a Pakistani knowing fully well the conflict they will face considering the prejudices people carry about each country.. The total mayhem or rather siyapaa that ensues in that one evening is what Total Siyapaa is all about. Th movie starts off promisingly enough but soon deteriorates into a sorry mess not only for the cast but also for the audience. What could have been an enjoyble watch turns into boring fare, with the viewer sighing with reief as the end credits roll. The lame stereotypical jokes about how all Pakistani's are misataken for terrorists, the indians and paki neighbours running after each other with hockey sticks, the heroines brother sticking bananas in the exhaust pipe and cutting the cable of his Pakistani neighbour, etc just make Total Siyapaa an unbearable ordeal. Producer & Writer Neeraj Pandey has obviously taken inspiration frmm the spanish film Seres Queridos, but while Seres Queridos was full of lively humour, Total Siyapaa turns out to be a farce. The screenplay is mostly as adrift as the humor. Director Eishwar Niwas wanted to portrays the core theme for Total Siyapaa as love having no boudaries in a fun, light manner but he unfortunately fails miserably as the humor lacks the chutzpah and audacity & after a point falls flat. Sanjay Chowdhry's music is melodious, with Palat meri jaan playing on loop in your head much after you leave the cinema hall. The show is completely Kiron Kher's who is the life of ts. Anupam kher is as lost as his character. Ali Zafar is delcious as the cute pakistani boyfriend while Yami Gautam is sadly insipid. Sara khan is irreverently delightful as the sister. Sagar arya really and clearly doesnt do much. Anuj Pandit is ok. -- Published on March 8, 2014

#TotalSiyapaa - Movie Review - Ali Zafar & Yami Gautam

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