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Mohit Chaddha (Ayushmann Khurrana) is living the perfect yuppie life with girlfriend Mayera Sehgal (Sonam) before recession hits and he loses his job. Enter retired government employee, V.K Sehgal (Rishi Kapoor), the girl's no nonsense, domineering, tyrannical father who wants only the best and the richest ladka for his brand loving laadli. It's bad enough that pitashri finds the boyfriend to be beneath his ladli but then matters get even worse when our cocky hero loses his job. The jobless Mohit and daddy's girl Mayera pretend that all's well but does it all end well or not is what makes up Bewakoofiyaan. Bewakoofiyaan could have headed into the zone of the Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies of old but the whole charm is lost in this movie what with the usual song and dance sequences and the trying hard to be impudent but turning into boring dialogues. Directed by Nupur Asthana and written by Habib Faisal, the film that has been shot mostly in Delhi and Gurgaon could have been a light-hearted, delightful little tale of love vs. money but turns out to be what seems more like a tiresome threesome between the father, daughter and boyfriend!! Music by Raghu Dixit isn't worth mentioning. Rishi Kapoor is suitably imposing as Sonam's father, Ayushmann Khurrana fits the role of the new age young man while Sonam though charming as ever needs to get her acting chops into action. -- Published on March 15, 2014

#Bewakoofiyaan Full Movie Review - Ayushmann & Sonam

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