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Queen is a classic tale of a conservative small town girl (Kangana Ranaut As Rani) opening up to the pleasures of life & finding her own identity. It all starts when her fiance Vijay (Rajkumar Rao) leaves her high and dry a day before the big fat punjabi shaadi. This rather fortunate twist in fate, Rani lands up in Europe for her honeymoon... all alone. Her small town sensibilities clash with the locals that lead to some funny encounters but she gains new experiences and learns some life lessons. Queen is a fun film with just the right amount of emotions to make it realistic and not melodramatic. The movie is set at a good pace and the story flows fairly seamlessly. Amit Trivedi's trademark whacky background tracks with a fusion of punabi are peppy and will hit a chord with the youth of north india especially. Director Vikas Bahl has excellently crafted Queen into a sweet, charming film that will appeal to most viewers. Kangana is a treat as the innocent, wide-eyed newlywed who feels cheated.She dazzles in Queen. The awkward, loud, confused and dramebaaz character is tailor made for her and she shines as the protagonist. Rajkumar rao is upto snuff, Lisa Hayden is confident and will have the male viewers drooling. Bokyo Mish as Olikzander, Jeffrey Ho as Taka, Joseph Guitobh as Tim & Canadea Lopez Marco as Marcello all blend in very well to give Queen the right global feel. -- Published on March 7, 2014

Queen - Movie Review - Kangana Ranaut

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