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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Shaadi Ke Side Effects - Movie Review - Farhan & Vidya
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Shaadi Ke Side Effects starring Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan is a delightful, slice-of-life comedy about the woes of marriage. Trisha Malik (Vidya Balan) is leading a charmed and adventurous life with hubby Siddharth Roy (Farhan Akhtar) when their marriage hits something of a wall; she gets pregnant. The baby arrives and the couple's carefree days of a romantic marriage are history. All the baby talk is done by the baby now as a bewildered Sid watches his sweet, lovable wife turn into a nagging nightmare. Bro-in-law Ram Kapoor instructs Sid on how to deal with his humdrum post-marital existence but things eventually build up to a point where the couple have to really think about their marriage. The first half of the film may drag a bit but the latter portion is filled with twists and turns; some predictable while others are fairly satisfying. The script scores for not turning the film into an over-the-top comedy and instead keeps the humor and drama as realistic as possible making the film all the more endearing. Farhan Akhtar shines in the role of the troubled husband. He actually turns the fairly mediocre script into something really watchable and proves that he can pull of comedies too. Vidya is her usual lively, often hysterical self as the overbearing housewife, but the true star of the film is the chemistry between the two. Ram Kapoor, Rati Agnihotri, Ila Arun, Vir Das and Purab Kohli, all fine and proven actors, complement the lead pair very well with their performances. Director Saket Chaudhary does a good job of capitalizing on his actors and utilizing them to their fullest potential. -- Published on March 1, 2014

Shaadi Ke Side Effects - Movie Review - Farhan & Vidya

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