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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews 'The Xpose' Full Movie Review - Himesh Reshammiya & Yo Yo Honey Singh
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Of course, The Xpose stars apro dikra Himesh Reshammiya as a suave but sanki police inspector turned film hero and then for the very first time and hopefully the very last there is Yo Yo Honey Singh roped in to play a sleazy, cheesy music director. Throw in incidents that are apparently inspired from the dirty politics & rivalry of bollywood of the 60's, add some random chicks who are wonderfully overly madeup and unnecessarily underdressed and voila you have the xpose! The thriller revolves around a murder (anyone who watches this movie will want to murder anybody associated with it!) and a gaggle of suspects. Don't get me wrong, The Xpose is entertaining but only because it is unintentionally, ludicrously funny!! The real hero of The Xpose is it's dialogues penned by Bunty Rathod-- without them the film would have fallen so flat on it's face, it would be dead!! Performances by the whole cast, yes including Irrfan Khan, are a bore. Music is trademark Himesh Reshammiya, so if you are a fan of his brand of music, you will love it. Having said all this, I do want to laud the efforts & earnestness of Himesh Reshammiya for making this film cause this campy thriller which inadvertently tickles your funny bone if nothing else and for that it gets 1 star. -- Published on May 17, 2014

'The Xpose' Full Movie Review - Himesh Reshammiya & Yo Yo Honey Singh

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