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It takes quite an imagination or perhaps none at all to name a pet after a superstar, well, after amir khan named his dog shahrukh, National Award-winning filmmaker Janaki Vishwanathan has named a goat after the actor in her upcoming film Yeh hai Bakrapur. The film is a socio-religious-political satire based in rural India with its myriad and complex belief systems. The multi-layered YHB delves into 8-year-old Zulfi's goat Shahrukh, who is a mute spectator (what else can he be!) to how he is used to by people to further their own interests. Due to exceptional circumstances Shahrukh acquires celebrity status in his village and beyond, causing tremendous conflict and confusion. What happens when everyone wants a piece of the pie.. er.. goat is what YHB is all about. YHB has already been screened at the 37th Goteberg film festival and the Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image 2013 festival and rightly so. This satire is marvellously narrated and has a distinct flavour of its own that will make you smile in self depracation at the misconception that india is ready to become the next super power. The music is simple just like the movie.
Suruchi Aulakh, Anshuman Jha, Yaushka Verma, Asif Basra,Faiz Khan & child artist Shameem turn in praiseworthy performances. Shahrukh Khan seems to be a hot favourite when it comes to naming pets and his namesake goat has done quite a job at well... playing a goat!
The star 3 yhb is a very well executed satire but will not find too many takers not because it's not a good movie but simply because it's not a masala one! -- Published on May 8, 2014

Yeh Hai Bakrapur - Movie Review

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