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Tiger Shroff's Heropanti is finally here and of course it revolves around a love story. Babblu(Tiger Shroff) and Dimpy(Kriti Sanon) are brought together when Dimpy's sister runs away with Babblu's friend and the former's hugely conservative stereotyped Jaat family kidnaps the runaway boy's friends and brings them to their kothi in an arbid Haryanvi village only so that they can beat the truth out of them! Go figure!! Anyways, Babblu takes them on a merry chase and well let's just say alls well that ends well. With Haryana and Delhi as a backdrop, parental disapproval, Khap Panchayats, societal interference and love as the base, the film could have but doesn't deliver either as an entertainer or convey a strong social message on honor killings. It is in fact wishy washy on both counts. Tiger Shroff is sincere, sweet, charming, does pretty well for a first film but unfortunately he is hugely let down by a shoddy script, seriously bad direction, disappointing dialogues and except for Raat Bhar, mostly forgettable music. Not to forget the general expectation that Jackie Shroff's son's debut film would be fan- bloody- tastic!!! However, action by Anal Arasu is brilliant and Tiger carries it off with a particular elan and grace. Twinkle Khanna look alike Kriti Sanon is confident and promising. Prakash Raj tries to underplay but ends up overdoing his scenes and the rest of the cast are okay. Tiger Shroff's Heropanti is corny and weak and probably not the best debut film for a new comer but Tiger and Kriti make it palatable. -- Published on May 25, 2014

Full Movie Review - #Heropanti - Tiger Shroff

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