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The film is an animated epic tale of a righteous soldier's fight for love and justice, that transcends time and boundaries. It is an epic dramatization of good versus evil starring South Indian megastar Rajinikanth in a double role along with leading lady Deepika Padukone together with Jackie Shroff, R. Sharath kumar, Nazar, Aadi, Shobana,PS Veerapa and Rukmini. Made at a whopping budget, taking over two years and almost 200 odd people to work on it, the movie is certainly a landmark in indian cinema as it brings groundbreaking performance motion capture tecnology to indian audiences. The 3D backdrops are top notch, the photo-realistic faces hold up most of the time. Its certainly hats off to team Kochadaiiyaan for making an extraordinary movie in that the actors and technicians had nothing to work on but their imagination as there were no sets, props,co stars, no one at all and they had no one to act & react to. But there are a few flaws, for one there are way too many songs and they are way too long. Secondly, at times inconsistency strikes making Deepika's features appear caricaturish. Inspite of its shortcomings, it is definitely a step forward for animated films in India and Rajinikanth's legions of fans are sure to love his singing-dancing, swashibuckling, sword-fighting avatar. Add A.R. Rahman's music to the mix and you have all the makings of your usual Rajinikanth mega blockbuster flick. -- Published on May 25, 2014

Full Movie Review - #Kochadaiiyaan- Rajinikanth & Deepika

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