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Home Videos Hollywood Hot News Steven Spielberg Puts 'Robopocalypse' On Hold
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Best Director Nominee, Steven Spielberg, presses pause on his new sci-fi film, Robopocalypse.

This futuristic thriller originally set to go into production this spring appears to have had a failure to launch.

According to Spielberg, he didn't want to rush things, the script wasn't ready yet and productions costs were skyrocketing.

Let's cut the guy a little slack he has been a little preoccupied promoting his latest box office hit, Lincoln.

Lincoln was nominated for 12 Oscars this morning, the most out of any movie.

Spielberg already selected Academy Award Nominee Ann Hawthway and Aussie actor Chris Helmsworth to star in the "on-hold" sci-fi flick. As this steamy duo preps to take on to the post-apocalyptic world run by robots, the rest of the crew will go back to the drawing board to figure out how bring Daniel H. Wilson's best-selling novel to reality.

This will be Spielberg's first Science Fiction project since Minority Report and War of The World and because of his solid reputation for big blockbusters hits, I'm sure this film will be worth the wait. -- Published on January 11, 2013

Steven Spielberg Puts 'Robopocalypse' On Hold

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