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Jaimie Alexander is set to team up once again with Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming Thor sequel, but there's one comic book character she has no interest in taking on. Jaimie won many fans, including us, playing Goddess of War Sif and many have suggested she would be perfect for the role of Wonder Woman. Jaimie admits that she at one point wanted to play DC's Amazonian princess on screen, but now says she has no interest. While promoting her upcoming film The Last Stand, she told MTV that the reason for her change of heart is how the character has been handled recently, specifically pointing to the failed pilot starring G.I. Joe Retaliation's Adrianne Palicki. Jaimie suggests looking to another popular film franchise as inspiration on how to successfully bring Wonder Woman to the big screen explaining quote "There needs to be a positive role model. If you're going to make 'Wonder Woman,' make it like 'The Bourne Supremacy. Let's do something awesome like that. Like 'Alias.' That was a fantastic show. Why can't we do that? Why does she have to be in hot pants and spandex? I get it, it's visually stunning for half of the people, but at least make her grow a pair!"

So what comic book character would she like to take on?
Jaimie says she always wanted to play Marvel mutants X-23 or Jubilee, but says she's too old to play either character.

I guess we'll just have to be happy with her playing Sif for now, which you can see her play once again on November 8th when Thor: The Dark World hits theaters.

So are you sad to hear Jaimie isn't interested in playing Wonder Woman and who would you like see take on the role in the Justice League movie? Give us your casting picks below. -- Published on January 11, 2013

Jaimie Alexander not interested in playing Wonder Woman

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