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Which Hollywood heart throb wants to be the next Superhero?

I'll give you a hint...his blonde hair and blue eyes recently graced the cover of People Magazine, as America's Most Wanted Man. You guessed it...Ryan Gosling just may have his eye on a superhero costume. While making the rounds to promote his new action packed throwback film, Gangster Squad, Gosling was asked by Screen Crave when we'll see him in a superhero movie. His first response was "They're all taken," but he was quickly reminded of the planned Justice League movie with roles like Green Lantern and The Flash still up for grabs. Gosling was quick to point out that Ryan Reynolds is already Green Lantern, but did say quote, "I can get Flash basically."

So does this mean we'll be seeing him put on some red tights in Justice League? Not quite. Gosling went on to say he already attempted to play a superhero in Drive with his stylish scorpion jacket acting as his cape. So it wasn't quite a yes, but it wasn't a no. Maybe he's holding out for that other Justice League member that may or may not still need to be cast, Bruce Wayne himself, Batman.

So what do you guys think....would you say Mr. Gosling would make a good Flash or even a new Batman?

Give us your thoughts below... -- Published on January 11, 2013

Ryan Gosling Talks Potential Superhero Roles

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