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MPAA Rating: R

Production Companies

Company Name Operation
Fandango -
Archimede -
Le Pacte -
Garance Capital -
Rai Cinema In Collaboration With
Soficinema 7 In Collaboration With
Coficup In Collaboration With - As Sofica
Cinemage 6 In Collaboration With
Canal+ In Collaboration With
Intesa San Paolo Support
Regione Lazio Support

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Fandango Portobello Sales 2012 - UK - Theatrical
Fandango 2012 - Italy - Theatrical
Imagine Films Distribution 2013 - Netherlands - Theatrical
Independent 2012 - UK - Theatrical
Le Pacte 2012 - France - Theatrical
Mares Filmes 2012 - Brazil - Theatrical
Mongrel Media 2012 - Canada - Theatrical
Midas Filmes 2013 - Portugal - All Media
Oscilloscope Pictures 2012 - USA - All Media

Special Effects (VFX) Companies

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Company Name Operation
Leonardo Cruciano Workshop -
Wonderlab Visual Effects

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
Dolby Laboratories Sound Mix
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