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Spring Breakers

MPAA Rating: R

Production Companies

Company Name Operation
Muse Productions -
O' Salvation -
Division Films -
Iconoclast -
Radar Pictures -

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Blue Sky Media 2013 - Czech Republic - All Media
A24 2013 - USA - Theatrical
Annapurna Pictures 2013 - USA - Theatrical
Independent Films 2013 - Netherlands - Theatrical
Transformer 2013 - Japan - Theatrical
Wild Bunch 2013 - Germany - Theatrical
VVS Films 2013 - Canada - All Media
Vertigo Films 2013 - Spain - All Media

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
ARRI / Camera Service Center Camera Equipment Provided By
Cinemapixel Digital Intermediate
Cineworks Digital Studios HD Dailies And Digital Previews / Telecine Transfer
Company 3 Digital Intermediate
LA Management Talent Management
Lotus Post Screening Facilities
Rosen Law Group Production Legal
S.O.T.C. MultiMedia Group Product Placement
Scarlet Letters End Titles
Sentry Event Services Security Services
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