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Wrath of the Titans - Trailer 2 - Movie Review: Has released two videos for the sequel of Clash of the Titans, similarly titled Wrath of the Titans. Sam Worthington, again in the role of Perseus, the semi-god son of Zeus, has to leave his peaceful life as a fisherman to embark himself into an adventure and save his father from the vengeance of other gods. The first movie was surprising for the special effects, but lacked a history knowledge. They could at least be more truthful regarding Greek myths! The second movie should be out March 30th 2012 and sees also in the cast Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Edgar Ramirez, Rosamund Pike, Toby Kebbel and Danny Huston. Most of them were also present in the first movie, a part from Pike, who after playing a role in James Bond and in the British production An Education, she tried a different interpretation. -- Published on February 24, 2012

Wrath of the Titans - Trailer 2 - Movie Review

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