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Home Videos Hollywood Movie Promos 'Prometheus' Viral Video Introduces Guy Pearce's "Peter Weyland" Character
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As many of you know, Weyland was one half of the corporation that Sigourney Weaver's "Ripley" and her fellow crewmates were working for in the original film. With a newly released promo video from the nonprofit organization TED, we are now getting our first look at Guy Pearce as "Peter Weyland", the head of the corporation that owns the Prometheus spaceship in the upcoming film. In the promo, Weyland addresses a crowd at the 2023 TED conference to discuss his plans to develop the first convincingly humanoid robotic systems. The promo was conceived by Ridley Scott with the film's writer and executive producer Damon Lindelof and was directed by Scott's son, Luke. The promo was made especially for TED and is not something that will be in the actual film, but will rather server as a form of viral marketing. As for why the promo was created for TED, Lindelof explained saying, "l'll write this thing, and we'll put it in front of you guys, and if you think it's cool, we would love to platform it at TED...I thought it could be mutually beneficial — as opposed to overtly cram-it-down-your-face viral marketing, which I don't think anyone wanted to do." So what do you think of the promo? You guys can see the video by checking out our blog! Did you discover any hidden clues that will give us sense of what to expect when Prometheus hits theaters June 8th? Fill us in in the comment section. -- Published on February 29, 2012

'Prometheus' Viral Video Introduces Guy Pearce's "Peter Weyland" Character

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