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Scorsese has a new passion project, and guess who will be his leading man? No, it's not Leonardo DiCaprio this time...good guess, but it's actually Andrew Garfield. Garfield has landed the leading role in Scorsese's new film, Silence. And he will be playing a 17th century Portuguese Jesuit named Father Rodrigues who makes a trip to Japan, during a time when there was heavy Christian religious persecution in the nation. The story is what Scorsese is calling a "thriller" and will be an adaptation of the novel which was written by Shusaku Endo, a Japanese novelist. Scorsese spoke to Variety candidly about his faith, and why the story behind this project is so important to him. He said quote "It's difficult for people to understand who are not part of that world that I grew up in." continuing with "its a religious subject, but the mystery that I'm talking about, Rodrigues' conflict with himself, and the essence of Christianity — which is something I believe in strongly — is timeless, and has to do with who we are as human beings." And get this, it's taken Scorsese nearly two decades to get this project ready to go, a passion project indeed, and the good news is it looks like production could start next summer. The project will likely gain international support, being that it will be prodiminantly a Japanese language production. And the director says that it will also be a film that speaks mostly to smaller audiences which is quite different than some of his other huge blockbusters like Shutter Island and The Departed. So, what are your thoughts out there so far about Scorses's Silence? Do you think Andrew Garfield can be the front man for such an intense religious thriller? Make sure you give us your thoughts in the comments, and also tweet them to us as well @funrahi. Until next time, Im Erin White. -- Published on May 8, 2013

Andrew Garfield Joins Martin Scorsese's 'Silence'

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