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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Singh Saab The Great - Movie Review - Sunny Deol
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Sunny Deol and director Anil Sharma have been a winning combination for three films so far- Gadar, The Hero: Love Story of a Spy and Apne. This time they're back with a bang with Singh Saab The Great where Sunny reprises the role of an honest and upright Collector Saranjit Singh Talwar and his attempts to bring about a change in society. The motto of the movie is "Badla Nahin, Badlav" and the story is about a simple man, who has immense pride in his honesty, finds joy in little day to day things, is driven by love for his family and believes in always doing what is morally correct. This however leads to clashes with the unsavory Bhoodev Singh (Prakash Raj), ultimately leading to the point where Saranjit is unfairly accused of bribery. Saranjit decides to fight this injustice and also corruption at large but not by taking revenge but by trying to bring about a change in society at large because he believes greatness is in forgiveness and not revenge The movie has some gripping and thunderous dialogues which should in the coming days, become a trend with the audience. There's that killer punchline: "Lekin tum sab ke liye toh mera haath hi kaafi hai." And of course "Sardar jab dushman ko pakad leta hai na, toh uski hadiyaan thadthadaane lagti hain...thad... thad... thad.." Now the baddies are gonna be toast and you will rejoice and cheer for the protagonist Saranjit Sunny Deol gives yet another power packed performance, leaving you speechless with the range of emotions he showcases just with his eyes. Singh Saab The Great is wholly and solely his as he makes the character his own with poignant sincerity. There never is and never will be another action star like him, when he clobbers the baddies, it is real, it is believable. Newbie Urvashi Rautela is a refreshing change and shows promise. Amrita Rao gives a credible performance. Prakash Raj has honed the talent of portraying evil. Anjali Abrol and the rest of the cast turn in a good show. Director Anil Sharma is a master in the genre of action & drama and this time too succeeds in entertaining the audience. Music by Anand Raj Anand & Sonu Nigam weaves itself into the plot, lending itself to the storyline. Action by Tinnu Verma and Kanal Kannan is stupendous and high-adrenalin, fitting in very well with the narrative. -- Published on November 22, 2013

Singh Saab The Great - Movie Review - Sunny Deol

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