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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Krrish 3 - Movie Review - Hrithik, Priyanka, Kangana & Vivek
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Rakesh Roshan is back after 7 years with the sequel to his hit franchise Krrish & takes forward the story of our superhero Krrish. Hrithik Roshan ,once again,dons the mask as Krrish & thus begins the eternal fight of good vs evil. Krrish is out to save the world from the destructive clutches of the genius Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) who's intention is to spread fear & death in the world. What or rather who makes Kaal even more powerful is his army of mutants called, Maanvar, who are a combination of maanas(man) and jaanwar(animal). These maanvar's consist of mutants like Chameleon-woman Kaya (Kangana Ranaut), Rhino-man, Frog-man & Scorpion-woman who are all out to thwart the efforts of the antagonist Krrish. While Kaal slowly but surely sees his dream of this devastating destruction come to fruition by spreading a deadly virus, he also succeeds in bringing turmoil & strife to Krrish's family Hrithik Roshan is the icing on the Krrish 3 cake especially as the older Rohit Mehra, every nuance, every action is superlative. PC is good. However Kangana Ranaur & Vivek Oberoi as Krish's arch-nemeses' are incredible. It delivers as much it has promised. Take a bow Rakesh Roshan and Team Krrish. -- Published on November 1, 2013

Krrish 3 - Movie Review - Hrithik, Priyanka, Kangana & Vivek

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