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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews O Teri - Movie Review - Pulkit, Sarah & Bilal
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In Atul Agnihotri's O Teri we are introduced to two moronic reporters, namely PP and AIDS (yes, you can see exactly where the movie is headed right from here!). Anyhow, after a few inane sequences of dancing in clubs and romancing firangs, the duo manage to stumble upon major scam after scam involving dead bodies, a la Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, and instances where they film a male politician in a compromising position with a businessman. However they keep messing up these opportunities to make a name for themselves. Every second film these days tries to fight corruption and this wannabe cult action-comedy attempts the same in a fairly crass way. A very average film that tries its best to be funny but mostly fails due to lack of direction or a tight plot. O Teri seems to have been made in time pass mode... either the producers have too much money or they were hoping to make a quick buck. Any which ways, the director Umesh Bist and the writer Niti Palta fail to make a mark. The less said about the music the better. Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi are endearing but that alone cant pull a film through. Anupam Kher, Sarah Jane Dias and Mandira Bedi are mediocre. Vijay Raaz is the only redeeming factor of this movie. Overall, with Salman doing a song in the film, O Teri may just turn out to be a regular crowd puller but this random mess (which seems to have been made keeping the Khan sense of humour in mind). -- Published on March 29, 2014

O Teri - Movie Review - Pulkit, Sarah & Bilal

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