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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews 'Nautanki Saala' - Movie Review - Ayushmann & Kunal
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Set in the backdrop of theatre, khurrana reprises the role of ravan on stage while kapoor plays Ram. Nautanki Saala is a fun ride peppered with some humourous dialogues and lively background music.Coming to the highlights, the dreamy, 'Phantom Of The Opera' like feel of the theatre production is noteworthy. Nautanki Saala hits most of the notes right and is an interesting movie but at times, honestly, not captivating enough as the script tends to plod on. Ayushmann Khurrana is in full form after 'Vicky Donor' as he pulls off the comic scenes right with a straight face while portraying the rest of the emotions his character goes thru with a natural flair. Kunal Roy Kapoor portraying a clumsy Lord Rama and a broken hearted lover is back after 'Delhi Belly', doing what he does best, playing a bumbling idiot! He obviously has talent and one hopes he taps into it by doing different roles. Saying that Pooja Salvi is strictly ok in her debut role is saying alot. The film also stars Evelyn Sharma and Gaelyn Mendonca, both girls fit in well and do justice. Sulbha Arya in her small role is spot on.Director Rohan sippy has his own distinct style of making a film and this shows thru in Nautaki Saala. The small quirky nuances and theatrical styling he has used to run a parrarel narrative between the Ramayana and what is unfolding on screen is commendable.Dialogues are never over the top or slapstick, in fact they flow easily and are the highlight of the film. Nautanki Saala is a sweet film on friendship aka romance, is head and shoulders over some of the recent releases. -- Published on April 14, 2013

'Nautanki Saala' - Movie Review - Ayushmann & Kunal

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