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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Himmatwala - Video Review - Ajay Devgn
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UTV and Pooja Entertainment's Himmatwala is the official remake of the 1983 movie of the same name with Ajay Devgn reprising the role of Jeetendra and Tamannaah playing Sridevi's character. The story is similar to the original but has been revamped a wee bit. We won't bore you with the story, suffice it to say there is a song followed by action, then another song followed by some more action, so on and so forth... we're sure you get the gist. Himmatwala may not be a frame by frame imitation of the original but it's close enough with the staple rona dhona, emotional atyachaar, naachna, gaana, bajana, maar dhaadh, colours & thumkas but this time there is an addition, a tiger( looks like Sajid Khan was inspired by Life of Pi). Ajay Devgn as Ravi looks bored and plays the Ajay we have been seeing a lot of lately, maybe he needs to try out a different character as soon as possible. He looks extremely awkward while dancing. Tamannaah is confident, looks lovely and has definite potential but lacks the oomph of Sridevi, especially in the song Ta Thaiya. Paresh Rawal reprises the character played by Kader Khan and if one didn't know better one would think they were watching Kader Khan himself, he is that good. Mahesh Manjrekar is strictly okay and just does not do justice to Amjad Khan's Sher Singh. Zarina Wahab is such a fine actress but she can do better than play the screeching mother of yore. No doubt the movie may make money because there are always takers for mind numbing movies. But seriously, why not just watch the old Himmatwala instead. In fact we highly recommend you get the original on DVD, it is a 100 times better. There are remakes and then there are remakes and we give this poor copy a 1 star. -- Published on March 29, 2013

Himmatwala - Video Review - Ajay Devgn

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