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Y-Films' Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a comedy comprising a mad, dysfunctional family- a temperamental father with a filthy mouth, a typical punju mom, a nak chadhi sister and a rebellious teenage son, a big fat Punjabi wedding and a "priceless" wedding gift in the form of a Maruti (or Mruti as Punjabis fondly call it). In the forefront of all the brouhaha is the volatile relationship between the father, Tej, and son, Sameer, and how the shit hits the fan and things take a turn for the worse when Sameer decides to steal or according to him borrow his dad's Maruti to patao the over smart, self obsessed, dumbo Jasleen or as she pretentiously likes to call herself, Jazzleen. How he gets the gaddi back with the help of his friend Gattu and girlfriend Jazzleen forms the crux of Mere Dad Ki Maruti. Ram Kapoor, as the overbearing father, seems to have taken his role to heart and gives it his all quite zealously, Saqib Saleem, as Sameer plays your regular, middle class, boy-next-door very well but lacks the persona or screen presence, he looks like he still needs some growing up to do before he can play the quintessential Bollywood hero. Rhea Chakraborty carries off the bimbette Jazzleen with chutzpah, Ravi Kishan in a short role is fine and Prabal Panjabi, as Gattu is a delight. Director Ashima Chibber makes the emotions and family equations relatable and keeps the movie going at a steady pace so as not to bore the viewer. Another Punjab-centric Bollywood movie, Mere Dad Ki Maruti doesn't do anything different but it is light and your typical popcorn flick which teens should enjoy. If you want an easy watch, go for the frothy and vibrant 2 star Mere Dad Ki Maruti this weekend. -- Published on March 16, 2013

Mere Dad Ki Maruti - Film Review

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