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The movie starts with Sam, played by Neil Nitin Mukesh taking girlfriend Sheena, played by Sonal Chauhan for a surprise holiday to Fiji. As expected from a 'hands on' couple, Sam and Sheena lose no time in getting intimate which somehow leads to Sam having to buy a 3G enabled second hand phone. Our hero seems to have pulled off the best deal ever, since they're on a budget holiday until he finds out that the phone is haunted by a screeching lady who calls him with the regularity of a telemarketing agent. What follows is a deranged horror-comedy fest interspersed with unimaginative love making scenes. Coming to the analysis, the idea obviously had some potential and loads of relevance since we're a digital generation but what we get to see is obviously its badly etched ghost. The technical department is below average in all aspects with directors Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chibber unable to interpret the script properly and the cinematography, editing and music score not quite pulling up the narrative in any way. As far as the performances are concerned, Neil fails to deliver with his troubled act and Sonal Chauhan seems lost as his girlfriend. With only bits and pieces working in the film's favour, we give 3G 1.5 stars. -- Published on March 16, 2013

3G - Movie Review

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