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Gippi is a sweetly touching comic take on growing pains and the innocence of adolescence. Gurpreet Kaur aka Gippi is the main protagonist of this coming of age film which centres around the 14-year old rotund, cute, accident prone, funny and naïve kid, one who is not only NOT good academically but who is made to feel that she is not up to the 'looks and weight' standard set by her so called cool peers. How she combats these issues along with others is what makes up Gippi. Based on Sonam Nair's own experiences of growing up, the thing that makes the film noteworthy is its usage of a female protagonist to explore the theme of adolescence and the set of problems associated with it. While this might not be a big deal, it's a refreshing change considering that most of our films are centred on the male point of view. Gippi tackles the issue of female adolescence sensitively and touches an emotional chord here and there. The highlights of Gippi are that it's all about learning to love yourself as you are, it's realistic and the characters and situations are relatable to most teens. Having said that the movie seems a bit clichéd and trite at points. Given the subject of the film, the new faces lend authenticity to the project. Riya Vij has a natural flair for acting. Jayati Modi, Taaha Shah, Doorva Tripathi, Mrinal Chawla, Aditya Deshpande and the boy who plays Gippi's brother are all very good. Thankfully none of the kids are precocious or over the top. Divya Dutta as the mom is tailor made for the role and plays it with perfection. Pankaj Dheer is alright. It is heartening to see, every once in a while, a smaller film focusing on something more immediate or integral to our lives. Dharma Productions' and UTV Motion Pictures' Gippi seems to fall in that category. -- Published on May 11, 2013

Gippi Movie - Video Review

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